My Priorities

1. Policy that is child focused

Every child should have the best possible chance to succeed in school. To ensure this, I advocate providing mental health and wellness support, addressing nutritional needs and providing transition support to parents with children in grades one, four and nine.

2. More collaboration with City Hall

The policies of City Hall impact the students and families of Thames Valley School Board and the community. There should be a more concerted effort between City Hall and the TVDSB.

Opportunities exist in the following areas:

A) Joint action plans to stop permanent school closures or implementation of plans for academic hubs in neighbourhoods that lose their school.

B) Public transit subsidies and/or use of public transit for students in older grades in place of school buses.

C) Infrastructure that allows for school routes that are safe enough for active travel by way of walking, biking and even by skateboard to their school.

Green Communities Canada has put together great processes to determine safe traveling plans to school. Let’s take the next step: partner with City Hall and other local stakeholders to take tangible steps.

3. Career management at the high school level

A) Adequate advisor training for guidance counsellors

B) A database for volunteer, mentorships and internship opportunities for students pursuing work after high school, or to help students shape their college or university plans.

C) Career plans for parents to assist their children in planning for their future accompanied with information on current and future job markets.

4. Mental health support and training

A) Provide teachers, guidance counsellors and educational assistants the means and the training to support and understand how to best help students with mental health concerns.

5. Accessible to parents and students

A) Whether it is a concern, request for help, advocacy or a resource referral. My commitment is to follow up in a manner that is timely, with clarity and transparency.

B) My commitment will be to organize Ward town halls in collaboration with the respective City Councillor or in unison with the respective parent council, home and school association or neighbourhood association.